GENERAL ELECTRIC WB06X10288-Microwave Grease Filter

WB06X10288-Microwave Grease Filter
Microwave Grease Filter

GE’s Microwave Grease & Air Filter (model #: WB06X10288) is designed to replace old, soiled filters on numerous different microwaves Many foods will leak grease and give off odors while being microwaved, making it crucial to have a working filter that purifies the air before it wafts its way into the kitchen. An unclean, worn-out filter will not only lead to foul odors being released, but may also effect the overall efficiency of the microwave. GE’s Microwave Grease & Air Filter (model #: WB06X10288) is an easy to install filter designed to replace the current filter on numerous different microwaves. With its 4 ¾ inch x 13 inch dimensions This grease & air filter -- model #: WB06X10288 – can be used in both vented and non-vented microwave ovens and is constructed primarily of aluminum. More
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