GENERAL ELECTRIC WB06X10823-Charcoal Filter

WB06X10823-Charcoal Filter
Charcoal Filter

GE’s WB06X10823 microwave charcoal filter is designed to remove the fumes and harsh odors that are released from foods being cooked in the appliance Microwave charcoal filters are designed to clean the air that flows into and out of the appliance. When soiled and exhausted, these filters will cause microwaves to work inefficiently and may have a negative effect on the smell and taste of foods. Without a functioning charcoal filter, which should be replaced at least once every six months, microwaves will be left with a foul smell that may affect the taste of foods cooked in the appliance in the future. GE’s WB06X10823 microwave charcoal filter replaces old, grimy filters in most GE appliances More
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